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In the Well: Jacek Kalita

Jacek KalitaJacek Kalita has had an incredible year. He won the Reisinger last Fall. He won his second Spingold this summer. And he won his second Bermuda Bowl last month in Wuhan. Today he enters the Well to answer your questions.

Jacek was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1982. He comes from a bridge-playing family: he learned at the age of 6 and his father is still his favorite partner. For much of his youth, however, he wasn’t very serious about bridge, preferring to spend his free time on sports such as table tennis (becoming good enough to be on the national team in his age category). Then he went to a high school with a strong bridge culture (with students regularly playing hands in between classes), made the national U20 team, and was hooked.

His first major partnership with Krzysztof Kotorowicz lasted 7 years. After Kryzystof left the game in 2011, Jacek started a partnership with Piotr Gawrys. Two years later, he became partners with his current partner Michal Nowosadzki. A few months after they started playing together, they won the Spingold for their first NABC title, and then placed second in the World Open Pairs in Sanya. Their first Bermuda Bowl win followed in 2015. Now, their recent three major championship wins mark Kalita-Nowosadzki as one of the best pairs in the game today.

Away from the table, Jacek is married to Liliana, but they do not have any kids (yet). His hobbies are mostly sports: ping pong leagues when in Poland, soccer with high school friends, and skiing in wintertime. He has a passion for reading: his favorite genres are history (especially WWII) and Polish fantasy (Sapkowski’s The Witcher, Pilipiuk). He also greatly enjoys the films of Quentin Tarantino.

Editor's note: Although Jacek will be online Thursday European time, we are opening the Well Wednesday evening USA time while he is asleep so that he will have a bunch of questions lined up to answer when he wakes up. So don't expect a response immediately if you are asking on Wednesday.

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