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In the Well: John Diamond

Last month, ERROR: UNKNOWN USER "john diamond" IN INTERNAL PROFILE LINK. Try username, email, or FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. won the Blue Ribbon Pairs in San Francisco, playing with long-time partner Brian Platnick. Today, John enters the Well to answer any questions you may have.

John Diamond

John lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife and his 2-year-old daughter.  He has a master's degree in physics.  He worked first as a computer programmer, and then as an options trader in Philadelphia and New York.

In 1991 John won the World Junior Championship with Brian Platnick, Jeff Ferro, Wayne Stuart, Debbie Rosenberg, and Martha Katz.  

In 2010, less than two weeks after his daughter was born, John won the Spingold with his usual team of Brian Platnick, Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco, Brad Moss, and Fred Gitelman.  A month later, the same team followed it up with winning the Rosenblum Cup.

John and Brian play a Strong Club system, having switched from 2/1 five years ago.

John will be online throughout the day Thursday.  Just write a question in the comments area and he'll answer to the best of his ability!

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