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In The Well- Michael Xu
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Author’s note:


Because there are many people wanting to know more about me (there isn’t), I decided to write this joke article. And no, the main reason is not to stroke my ego (coincidentally, I enjoy it when people ask questions about who I am *hint to reader, please do) but instead, I want to prepare for in the event that I make it to the actual In The Well series, I would already have some of my work cut out for me.


Beware! I use some slang I’m not sure you older readers will understand. Lol, please forgive me for that joke. At least I didn’t say “old farts”!

 Michael Xu lives in Palo, California. He raises chickens and ducks in his backyard.

Some of his hobbies are bombarding his poor mentors with bridge questions, making hot-fire memes for the Facebook page Bridge Memes and writing articles on Bridge Winners, and he used to play chess a lot.


Michael first started playing bridge when he was 12-13( he can’t remember). He was click baited by his mom when she mentioned there was going to be a bridge PIZZA PARTY. On that fateful Sunday, a seed was planted, one day growing into a shrub and uprooting the tree of chess. It was also these pizza parties that Michael’s famous direction superstitions developed.


Michael won first place in the first two pizza parties he went to. Michael sat in NS, which obviously meant he and his partner got more HCP. Even though he was a horrendous defender and an even worse bidder (hey, no one taught him any bidding rules yet), he was a genius at declaring in that he knew how to take a finesse and that ruffing seems to be a good thing, but ruffing winners is not, and don’t play the ace and the king on the same trick. He would always overbid; however, NS always had all the points so it was okay.


Then the sky fell down. Michael got last place both times in the next two pizza parties he went to. For some reason, Xu decided to sit EW. As EW never got any HCP, Michael’s stupid aggressive bidding failed miserably.


His story is similar to that of Michael Rosenberg, one of Michael’s mentor. Michael Rosenberg also used to play chess, but one day, he received a bridge book and from that day on, the legendary Michael R. was born. Michael Xu knows all this due to online researching, which is completely different from stalking.

His main and biggest achievements are: Sivy Bridge Pizza Party 1st place victories. You may refer to him as, “Pizza party warrior.” As the joke goes, “Michael Xu wants to be the best Michael in the Bay Area.” Which is funny because there is Michael Hu + Michael Rosenberg. Hu is sitting there with 500 master points and a youth national event win and Rosenberg is a Hall of Famer, has national championship wins. Xu has 130 master points, half of them won by getting carried by much better players and 6 first place wins in the pizza parties.

In conclusion, Michael Xu is a 15 year old kid who writes articles about himself so he has something to post in his bridge group on Facebook.

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