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Incentive to 'fess up; Would we/ Could we (forgive?)

I expect right now there is no incentive to confess; admissions with apologies would not likely save any guilty parties from severe ostracism; suspension/expulsion, intolerable restrictions, etc. There is every reason to deny guilt, fight on, and hope legal entanglements and other complexities save the day.

The whole concept of plea bargaining in the USA and most countries seeks to take advantage of human nature that - with an incentive of lessened punishment, admitting guilt (as well as inherently promising to do better, redress damages, etc.) – coming clean will be a win-win in a bad situation. For the community, no more time, money, effort, or struggle to understand, recover, prove, or otherwise commit to prosecuting the accused is the “win”.

So, two points to perhaps discuss and opine on: 1) Would we as a bridge community support effectively forgiving and diminishing punishment for something of that nature from anyone accused that admits and details the transgressions being discussed, and promises to never repeat them. Perhaps a 5-year suspension and permanent non-partnering and probation on the world stage. Or something similar that gets the bad kids off the street for awhile, puts them under a permanent microscope and generally assures the likelihood of a repeat performance is essentially nil. (Yes, I know Sion is the exception that is worrisome.)

2) If something of this nature is agreeable to a consensus, is there any way to make it happen. With whom would the accused or the lawyers for them negotiate to bring about such a global resolution. Not just IBF or EBU or ACBL of course, but some integrated approach.

Sure, permanent expulsion will be appealing to many; but is the path to it so very worth it if something decent could be salvaged with a benefit of lessening the uncertain and maybe painful struggle to achieve it? By the way; it seemed sensible to make this article general; not mentioning anyone by name but just saying the "accused". You may not agree.

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