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Information about Orlando World Bridge Series

The 2018 World Bridge Series (WBS) will be played in Orlando Florida, starting with the Opening Ceremony at 7:00 pm on Friday, September 21st, and concluding with the Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony at 8:15 pm on Saturday, October 6th. The WBS is open to all and the events are Transnational. There have been at least 2 threads on Bridge Winners with questions and answers about the WBS, and I get a lot of emails with questions, some of which I can answer and some of which take some research. I thought it would be useful to Bridge Winners readers to try to compile a list of what information is available where, as well as perhaps answer some questions.

First, a quick overview of the “main” events.

Team Events

The WBS starts with three team events: Open (the Rosenblum, named for Julius Rosenblum), Women’s (the McConnell, named for Ruth McConnell) and the Seniors (the Rand, named for Nissan Rand). The Rosenblum starts on Saturday, Sept. 22nd, the other two on Sunday, Sept. 23rd. The overall format is the same for all 3: The first 2 days are a Swiss to qualify teams for KO play. Each day of Swiss play has 5 10-board matches. You can find the exact time schedule on the schedule page.

Following the Swiss, all three continue with KO matches. In the Rosenblum, the first KO match is the Round of 64. In the McConnell and Rand, the first KO match is the Round of 32. The McConnell & Rand Swiss stages start a day after the Rosenblum so that the KO stages will be parallel. Pairings in the KO are determined by Swiss rank, with the top 16 teams choosing their opponents from the bottom 32 teams and the remaining matches paired in “normal” order (the 17th team will play the lowest-ranked remaining team, etc).

Until the Finals, the KOs are all 1-day, 56-board matches, played in 4, 14-board sets. The Finals are 2 day, 96 board matches with 3 16-board segments each day. The Supplementary Conditions of Contest specifically provide that the format can be changed, which would most likely happen with a smaller than expected entry.

Pair Events

The Open Pairs starts on Monday, Sept. 24th, opposite the Round of 64 of the Rosenblum. The Women’s & Senior Pairs start on Tuesday, Sept. 25th, opposite the Round of 32 of the McConnell and Rand. All 3 events play a qualifying stage that ends on Wednesday, Sept. 26th, and then move on to a 2-day Semifinal and 2-day Final. There are A and B sections of both the Semifinal and Final, and all pairs will play throughout. Pairs on teams that are eliminated in the KO stages of the team events can drop into the Pair events, subject to the drop-in rules.

Secondary Events

There are team and pair events opposite the “main events.” Teams that are eliminated in the Swiss stage of the Rosenblum, McConnell and Rand events will get free entry into one-day Swiss events (two for the Rosenblum, one for the McConnell and Rand) if they do not want to enter the Pairs. The tournament schedule lists these secondary events. It is possible that additional one-day pair events will be added.

Entry Rules

Anyone who is in good standing with their NBO (for the US, that is the USBF - if you are in good standing with either the ACBL or the ABA you are also in good standing with the USBF) is eligible to enter any of the WBS events. Players do need to be registered with the WBF; there is more information about how to find out if you are registered and how to register on the WBF site. Players must also complete a Player Commitment Form. If you completed this form in 2017, you do not need to do so again.

Entry Fees

Entry fees for the Championship events are here.

Entry fees for the other events are here.

Entry fees can be paid in advance by wire, as set forth on the fee page, or on site in cash or with a credit card. 

Drug Testing

Players in the Rosenblum, McConnell, Mixed Team, Open Pairs, Women’s Pairs, and Mixed Pairs are subject to drug testing, and must file a Therapeutic Use Exemption form if they are taking medications that are banned. More information on that.

Dress Code

Because these events are Transnational, players do not have to wear uniforms identifying their NBO, but are supposed to be “respectably dressed” in the playing areas


There are answers to many other questions you may have on the WBF website’s FAQ page for Orlando. If you have questions for which you can’t find answers, ask in a comment and I will try to find the answer for you.

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