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Ingberman or Lebensohl after reverses?

With several of my partners I play the following scheme of responder's rebids over opener's reverse after a 1M response:

(1) After 1 - 1M - 2 responder's 2OM rebid suggests a weak hand.  A minimum opener will make an appropriate economical rebid.

(2) After 1m - 1 - 2 responder's 2NT rebid suggests a weak hand. A minimum opener will normally rebid 3.

Thus responder's weakest bid is the lower of 2NT or the fourth suit.

Am I right in thinking that this approach is known as Ingberman?


I've also seen an alternative approach, whereby 2NT is the weak rebid in all cases.  Is this approach known as (a form of) Lebensohl?


In sequences (2) responder's 2 rebid presumably has to be played as forcing for one round (F1R).  In sequences (1), however, it might be possible to play responder's 2M rebid as non-forcing (NF), especially if using Ingberman.

Assuming that you play some variant of 2/1, SAYC or Acol, please summarize your system in this area, using one of the five options below (and my nomerclature above).


I can't find a comprehensive description of Ingberman.  Can anyone supply a reference or link?

Ingberman, with NF 2M rebid in (1)
Ingberman, with F1R 2M rebid in (1)
A more complicated variant of the above - please summarize if possible
Neither - at least one of 2NT and simple preference is NF

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