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Insufficient Bid

In a club pairs game, you are East and the bidding goes:

W    N     S     E

1    X   1   1

2  2  2   ?

Despite being asked not to correct the insufficient bid, East puts the 3H card on top of his 2H.

The director is called and rules it was not a mechanical error. She tells East to put back the 3H card. So far, no problem.

Assume East will correct to 3H if you do not accept the IB.

Please explain what the following options would mean to you.

a) Accept 2H and pass

b) Accept 2H and bid 2S

c) Do not accept and pass 3H

d) Do not accept and bid 3S over 3H

e) any other sequence you might consider meaningful

Yes, we all know the in ACBL land you cannot have partnership agreements on insufficient bids, so assume you have never encountered this sequence with this partner before.


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