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Interesting Director situation

Today there was an interesting situation in terms of explanation of a bid.  My LHO opened 1C, his partner responded 1D and I bid 1NT.  Opener bid 2C, passed round to me and I bid 2S.  I actually had 16-18 balanced. At some stage of the auction, I'm not sure when, but possibly after LHO had bid 2C, he asked my partner about the meaning of my 1nt bid and she replied 'the other two suits'.  At the completion of the hand LHO called the director after he noticed that I had three hearts and four spades, saying it had affected his play.  There was actually no score adjustment, but the Director said that I should have corrected my partner's explanation, saying that it had never been discussed.  By doing so, I would by inference be saying that partner's explanation was not correct, in fact describing what I meant by my own bid.  Whereas I have always assumed that the defence has to ask the partner of the bidder about the meaning of their partner's bid.

 What are your views?

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