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Interesting Play in Memphis

Learn something new every least I do at the tables.  Here is a hand which can hopefully help others down the road.

Playing in the Jacoby Swiss, my partner and I reached a tenuous 6 contract (which was also reached at the other table).

With no outside losers (and no immediate danger of anyone trumping anything), and no transportation issues, you need to play Spades for one loser.

Dummy has AQ7, Declarer has J86543.

In hand, how do you play this?

I played small to the Q, with RHO showing out.  Down 1.

Other table found the right play (which I now have filed away) of leading a J from hand.  If LHO covers and RHO shows out, can come back to hand and finesse.  If doesn't cover, then repeat finesse.

Can never pick up KT92 offside, and makes any 3-1 break.  This is the only way to pick up 4-0 onside.

Lesson learned, with apologies to amazing teammates.

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