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Interference after Michaels

A costly misunderstanding in a Swiss event today prompted the question: how does advancer differentiate various hand types after the following Michaels auctions?  Assume both sides are playing 2/1, RKCB without exclusion or kickback, and no "weak or strong only" agreement for Michaels, i.e. overcaller can hold an intermediate hand.  

(1) - 2 - (3) - ?

(1) - 2 - (3) - ?

The raise to 3M showing at most a constructive raise, and potentially less.

What is your preferred agreement on the meaning of Double, 3NT, 4 of the enemy suit, and 4NT?  Is it possible for advancer to show a strong minor suit of his own, or do you assign some different meaning to minor suit advances?  What would change if advancer is a passed hand?

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