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Interview with Gavin Wolpert

I first had the idea for doing a bridge-related podcast 3+ years ago deep in the post-production phase of Double Dummy. When I asked Gavin to be the first interviewee for the show it was not lost on me that he is the co-founder of the bridge website that I visit the most. I played a sectional with Gavin right before my first nationals in February 2012. When I asked him for advice, he told me to play against the best competition that you can find. That made it easy to choose which events to enter, including the Vanderbilt, which has since become my favorite NABC+ event.

A non-bridge-playing friend of mine listened to the first six minutes of the show and offered me the following feedback.

  1. There was a little too much glad handing to start.
  2. After six minutes she was completely lost.

This podcast is intended for serious bridge players. We talk about hands, the psychology of the game, the next step for Bridge Winners, great plays, etc. It was a lot of fun, and the feeling that I have to now share it with all of you is a triumphant one. Please enjoy the first episode ofThe Setting Trick.

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