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Interview with Jan Martel

Oren Kriegel sat down with Jan Martel for a long interview about a wide range of topics related to the USBC. The interview was conducted in three parts: Part one covers financial and logistical aspects of the USBC, including why the entry fees are so high. Part two discusses Vugraph—what Jan does to get the broadcasts up and running, and how she decides which matches to show on Vugraph. Part three is about scheduling, particularly scheduling the Women's USBC, and how conditions of contest for the different events are written.

Jan is an accomplished player, with seven national wins in open, women's, and mixed events. Nowadays she mostly coordinates Vugraph for NABCs and USBCs and performs a host of other duties for the USBF.

Click to watch part one, part two, and part three of the interview.

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