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Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)

Bridge Base Online Hybrid (BBOH)

Introduction and Goals

Recent high-level cheating scandals have resulted in considerable discussion about (among other things) the use of technology (among other things) to make it harder to cheat at bridge and easier to detect those who do cheat.

Bridge Base Online (BBO) has developed a device which attempts to do just that. For the purposes of this document, the device will be referred to as the Bridge Base Online Hybrid (BBOH).

BBOH can be thought of as a hybrid between playing bridge with traditional screens and playing bridge electronically. The BBOH consists of 2 basic components: a screen component and a tablet/software component.

Many leading players believe, reasonably enough, that a fully electronic solution with players sitting in separate rooms would be best for security purposes, but that something important would be lost in the form of "table presence".

BBOH aims to leverage some security benefits of a fully electronic environment while not detracting from table presence. In fact, BBOH improves over traditional screens in this area (where table presence is essentially limited to only yourscreenmate).

At this point in time, we have built the firstprototypeof the BBOH screen component and written someprototypesoftware that allows BBOH to be tested. We eagerly await feedback and expect to improve both the screen component and software component as a result of such feedback.

Please e-mailfred@bridgebase.comif you have any questions or comments concerning the BBOH. I may not be able to respond until roughly Wednesday, December 9.

Description of BBOH

Think of the following picture as a bird's eye view of a bridge table equipped with a BBOH.

The BBOH consists of two perpendicular screens that meet in the middle of the table. Each of the two screens runs from the middle of one edge of the table to the middle of the opposite edge. The screens run vertically for about 3 feet, starting at the table surface.

Each player can see both of his opponents, but he cannot see his partner at all.

The screens consist of smaller pieces of wood attached together with hinges. The BBOH can thus be collapsed into a shapethat makesit easy to ship. It can be set up in a matter of seconds.

Cards and bidding boxes do not work with this setup so each player has a tablet computer through which he plays bridge.

Pictures of BBOH

Sorry - these are not very good pictures!

The bridge table that appears in these pictures is a couple of inches longer on each side than the tables that are used in most major tournaments.

Advantages of BBOH over traditional screens

  • All forms of collusive cheating that involve coded visual cues using cards, bidding box cards, the tray and board placement, player mannerisms, etc. are eliminated. Alleged cheating methods used by FS, FN, BZ, and PS would not be possible using BBOH.
  • The screen component of BBOH allows players to see both of their opponents effectively doubling the amount of table presence available.
  • The software component of BBOH allows for completely accurate records of the bidding, play, explanations of bids, and time taken for each bid/play to be generated automatically. The data can be statistically analyzed to identify possible cheaters, but will also be valuable to journalists, fans of bridge, the players themselves, and researchers.
  • Any table with a BBOH can be broadcast live as BBOvugraphwithout the need for an operator.
  • Several types of irregularities are eliminated: bids out of turn, insufficient bids, leads out of turn, revokes, etc. Boards can't be fouled,misduplicatedor taken to the wrong table. Players can never sit at the wrong table or in the wrong seats. There is always the same explanation on both sides of the screen (players self-alert).
  • The screen component is easier to ship and set up.
  • The software component makes it east to instantly publish accurate match scores, board-by-board results, and play records on the web.
  • Software can be used to manage convention cards and create detailed score cards. Players will no longer have to deal with such things.

Advantages of traditional screens over BBOH

  • Some players are very attached to playing bridge with playing cards. They think bridge is necessarily a "card game" and don't want to play serious bridge on a tablet.

Important unknowns

  • What is the BBOH playing experience like? Unless bridge players like playing bridge using BBOH, this concept isn't going anywhere.
  • There are some difficult disclosure-related issues to resolve with the BBOH.
  • How durable will the tablets be? How do we prevent them from being stolen? Will it be logistically complicated or expensive to keep them charged (or use power cords)?
  • Will disabled players or players who are uncomfortable with technology be able to play bridge using the BBOH?

Cost estimate

We hired a carpenter to build the actual screens for the prototype of BBOH. He charged us $500, but thought he could reduce his price by upwards of 50% if he was making severalBBOHs. He also said it is likely possible to reduce costs by using a different material than the high-quality wood that was used in the prototype.

It seems reasonable to expect to be able to produce the screen component of BBOH for about $200 per table.

The tablet component of the BBOH prototype uses 10-inch Android devicesthat aremore than adequate for the task. Such tablets are available for around $100 per unit. Each table needs 4 tablets - $400 per table. It is possible that the tablet costs may be lessened with a bulk order.

It costs an additional $25 or so per tablet for a screen protector and a case that protects the tablet and fits it in to the screen component. 4 of these things in total is another $100 per table. Again, costs may be lessened with a bulk order.

If our estimates regarding the costs of building the actual screens are accurate, it takes about $700 in total (or possibly less) to outfit a table with a BBOH.

Cost savings over traditional screens

  • No need to purchase cards, boards, bidding boxes, or devices likeBridgeMates.
  • No need to pay for boards to be duplicated.
  • No need to recruit and pay forvugraphoperators orvugraphcomputers.
  • We expect set up and shipping costs to be lower
  • Perhaps fewer irregularities will result in fewer Directorcallsand the need for fewer Directors.
  • No need for caddies.

Unaddressed cheating exposures

  • The BBOH does not prevent cheating via using auditory signals to exchange UI.
  • The BBOH does not prevent cheating via using electronic or radio signals to exchange UI.

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