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Introduction to Symmetric Relay

My MOSCITO notes (and my never ending attempt to get these into decent shape) were a long standing joke on the BBO forums.  Well, one of the benefits of COVID-19 and the end to morning / evening commutes, dinners out with friends, and trips abroad has been a bit of free time.

So, I started to whip the notes into shape once again and promptly decided that it might make sense to break out the section on Symmetric Relay as a separate and distinct piece.

I've broken the Symmetric Relay notes down into three pieces:

  • Chapter 1 addresses auction termination
  • Chapter 2 is all about resolving shape after a strong club opening
  • Chapter 3 is advanced topics (relay breaks and coping with interference)
Other advance topics such as
  • A more complex relay structure over a strong club opening
  • Relays over limited openings
Will be in the MOSCITO notes   I think that this has some nice features to it

In particular, there are some Dealer scripts that you can use to practice different "skills" that you want to develop if you are playing relay methods, along with a online hand generator that will accept these scripts.  If anyone is interested in getting a copy of Chapter 1, its avaible this week.

I plan to finish the next two chapters before the end of the month

Drop me a PM with your email address and I'll send you off a PDF

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