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Inverted Minors

I have never been fond of them, possibly because I prefer four card majors and like to be able to raise minors with four cards.

It seems to me that the range covered is too wide.

xx xx AKJx J10xxx

What is that? when partner opens 1? 1N (yuk), 2 or 3?

I don't think many pairs have discussed the followups carefully. It is generally thought that opener's weakest bid is 3 or the original minor. Does one really want to bid 3 with this:  AQxx KQ10x Qx xxx after 1-2? (Yeah: to me having to open that 1 instead of 1 is an abomination. Even if I had agreed to play 5CM in a moment of weakness, I'd cheat and pretend I had a in with my s).

Stansby-Martel had a fairly well worked out system, but they played weak no-trump, so the 2N rebid became game forcing.

Does anyone have a well architected system they would like to share?

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