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Invitational 4M-5m when playing transfer responses to 1C

If you play transfer responses to 1 ("Transfer Walsh"), in the style where 1-1-1 and 1-1-1 shows (or includes) a weak notrump, how do you manage invitational hands with four of a major and five of a minor?  eg a 4351 11-count.

I've reread this thread:

but so far as I can see only Michael Goetze's methods offer a partial solution.

In one partnership I play 1-1NT as invitational+ with clubs, and 1-2 as invitational with diamonds, then we play 1-1NT;2-2M and 1-2;2-2M as invitational 4-5.  This works reasonably well, but I'm interested in alternatives, because I'd like to use 1-1NT as invitational balanced.

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