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Invite with 8 points?

Many years ago a good player said to me "when partner opens notrump (15-17) and you have a balanced 8 points, you should avoid inviting". I have followed this advice since then.

Recently I had 4M-3-3-3 with 8 points and passed my partner's 1NT. Of course it made 3NT. My partner said "He always invites with a 4-card Major and 8 points". This sounded a little silly to me so I tested this principle using a leading bridge computer program. I had it shuffle and bid many hands and I came to the following observations about the algorithm he used. 

  • He always invited with a 4-card major (4333) and 8 points.
  • He never invited without a 4-card major.

BTW, the algorithm did not take into account high spot cards and placement of honors.

So what do you do?


Having a 4-card major does not affect my decision to invite with a 8 point flat hand.
Having a 4-card major does affect my decision.

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