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Is Bridge a sport ? The F-N case.

I have seen in the past few days lots of comments such as : "Bridge is not a sport and will never be ...", "How come can the by-laws of the EBL provide that the highest authority to judge conflicts between EBL and its members is the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport, who does not understand bridge ?", "The bridge community must have the freedom to judge and hang the cheaters ..." 

On Feb. 3rd, 2018, the FFB (Fédération française de Bridge) will hold an extraordinary assembly to modify its by-laws to put them in line with the requirements of the Olympic movement. The goal ? Be recognized by the French ministry of sports as a Sport Federation in, hopefully, a year or so. Among these requirements, the recognition that the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport is indeed the highest juridiction in your field. 

Our game can and must be recognized as good for the health. Mens sana in corpore sano. Part of the future of the game is on the line there.

Moreover, being recognized as a sport federation brings many benefits. One of them is that part of the technical staff of the federation can be paid by the ministry of sports and not any more by the federation : a critical advantage for recruiting and training more bridge teachers in the schools, for instance.

A vast majority of french bridge players (as it is the case in many other european countries) support this view.

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