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Is Fantunes a good bidding system?

First of all, congratulations to Italy, USA and Germany for winning the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d'Orsi trophy respectively.

Monaco also achieved a good result as runners up in the Bermuda Bowl.  Their team included Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes, who play a home-grown bidding system that has come to be known as Fantunes.  This system is quite different from mainstream approaches such as SAYC, Acol, Precision or 2/1.  Fantunes is based around intermediate two-bids in all four suits, combined with a weak 1NT opening and unlimited and forcing bids of one of a suit (for which the minimum is generally about a king stronger than in standard methods). Although Fantoni and Nunes have been playing their system for about 8 years, very few leading players have so far adopted a similar approach.

I would be interested to find out what members think about Fantunes.  If you know a little about the system and have seen some examples of its use (not just in the recent Bermuda Bowl), please choose one of the six options below.  Any supplementary comments would also be appreciated.

The Fantunes system is definitely superior to standard bidding systems.
Fantunes has a small, but significant advantage over standard bidding systems.
The choice of bidding system isn't really very important.
The Fantunes system achieves some good results, but these are approximately cancelled out by its bad results.
If anything, Fantunes is inferior to standard bidding systems.
Fantoni and Nunes do well in spite of their bidding system, rather than because of it.

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