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Is G/B 2NT a Good or a Bad idea over 1-(2)-?

I arrived at our local Friday AM duplicate to find partner concerned about the auction 1-(2).  First, he asked what 3 showed.  I replied "competitive raise, not strongly invitational."

Then, he wanted to know about 2NT--shouldn't that be "Good/Bad."??  We play a lot of Good/Bad 2NT, and I am usually the advocate of using that treatment in many competitive auctions.

But here, I was dubious.  Since G/B 2NT here could, presumably, be "bad with s, s, or s, I thought this might cause our side a lot of problems when 4th hand raised to 3 (or 4).

I said that currently we had no special agreement about 2NT on this auction, so it was presumably natural and invitational.  But I also stated that I thought there would be merit in playing it as a strongish raise--probably a 4 card LR+ bid (ala Robson's "Partnership Bidding.").

But partner seemed adamant about G/B 2NT both because he liked the extra way to raise s below game, and because he liked the idea of having a way to show a minor single-suiter that was not strong enough to bid a (GF) 3m directly over (2).  He thought that the G/B 2NT toy would be perfect for solving both of these "problems."

So I reluctantly agreed to play 1-(2)-2NT as "Good/Bad", showing some sort of competitive but not GF hand, either with one long minor or with support.  With this treatment, an immediate 3 would be exactly invitational to game, while 3 cue-bid (and perhaps 4 too) would be available for game-going raises.

Anyway, I thought I'd take a BW poll to see what you all think about best treatment for 2NT on this auction.

So, after 1-(2)-, what do you recommend for a 2NT response?

2NT should be natural and invitational
2NT should be natural and forcing
2NT should be a 4 card invitational+ raise
2NT should be some other type of raise
2NT should be "Bad" part of "Good/Bad" with s, s, or s
2NT should be "Good" part of "Good/Bad" with s, s, or s
2NT should be "Bad" with a minor or "Good" with s
OTher. details appreciated

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