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Is it inevitable?

Just a sad note:

At one time, athletics news was about meets and heats. Today's headlines are about doping.

Baseball was about box scores. For roughly a decade the newspapers were devoted to doping and testimony before Congress.

Cycling: are there two articles in a row about only performance? Now there are mini-motors to take the place of EPO.

Rugby and cricket news is about scandals, but at least American football news is about shielding rapists from justice and permanent brain damage (although steroids may reappear to fill a void).

Now world press coverage of bridge is about cheating and BW finds itself devoted to two concurrent scandals.


I suspect that $$ is the agent of change in all cases and I am not suggesting a solution. After all, none of the other sports has found a successful solution either. However baseball has come closest by allying labor (the players) and management (the leagues) in a comprehensive plan. At least I have only noticed one prominent doping scandal this year in baseball.



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