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Is it necessary to be able to play in 1 weak NT redoubled?

Runout schemes after your weak NT can be divided into two categories:

a) those where 1NT-XX is (sometimes) available as a contract

b) those where the XX is always used as a stepping stone to some other contract

Many years ago, I did a (not very strong) analysis of several schemes and came to the conclusion that is was necessary to be able to play in 1N-X frequently, but 1NT-XX "never", at least from the point of view of available scores. A good analysis would attempt to estimate frequencies.

Defining 'weak' for the purposes of this poll as nominally 12-14; and ignoring  possible special cases (e.g. 1NT-(p)-p-(X); XX-(p)-p-?), do you think that it is useful to be able to play 1NT-XX?

*Added* - let me try to define 'useful' here: does including the ability to play 1N-XX in a system weaken it relative to a system where 1NT-XX is always used for some purpose other than as a final contract? 

It is useful to have 1(weak)NT-XX as a place to play at MP and/or IMP scoring
It is not useful to have 1(weak)NT-XX as a place to play at any scoring

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