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Is it our duty to make sure the Opps are aware of Alerts ?

A big money tournament (as Mr. Wolff would call it), transmitted on BBO , there was to my humble opinion a strange TD / Appeals decision. I would be glad to hear Specialists opinions on the matter.  Convention cards had been given, 7 boards had been played, but no 8 was a disaster for one party. No TD called, the match finished so not until comparing in the Aftermath was there a review of the board. Teammates asked "how could you" - then came the explanation that the culprit didn't realize Opps played Precision,  he had not noticed the Alert on 1 opening, neither response - 1 showing 8-11, any shape!   So  my friend writes  "...what more can I say. The reality is - there was a director's decision and we appealed, not accepted. We can only wish them good luck in the Semi."

When I told the BBO commentator, he replied: “this seems extension of incident in last USA juniors trials. I think all should be embarrassed!”

Is being asleep an excuse for blunders?

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