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Is it Time for a Change?

The ACBLscore+ fiasco is the latest in a number of issues to arise from the ACBL that are cause for concern. Jay Whipple's comments are another red flag:

One of my friends in the "biz" said that one doesn't trash a project after spending $1.5M without someone getting fired, sued or both.

Most troubling is a pattern that seems to indicate that the League is more concerned with protecting the status quo than serving the players. The lack of information under the guise of legal concerns is a disturbing trend. Now it appears that they are closing rank rather than embracing the valuable assets and opportunities that are prevalent within general membership to find a more modern solution.

The league has paid all of this money with nothing to show for it. Is it time for a change? Should the ACBL sue? What is your opinion?

I'm fine, lets keep the status quo.
The CEO should go
Other - Please elaborate
The board should investigate options for continuing with the new ACBLscore+
The board should support revising the original ACBLscore program.

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