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Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?

playing seniors APBF we (Australia b) playing our supposed friends (Australia a), we hit this hand

n:  a72  874 J9.  Kj932

w: QJ106543 63 8 Q86

e: K   J1052 K65432 105

s: 98 AKQ9 AQ107 A74

dealer north, love all

north   east    South    West

pass     2      Dbl      rdbl

3       Pass    3nt       All pass

West explained to south that this was a taking charge xx, which expects partner to bid step and then pass any response.

meanwhile when north asked east for an explanation the answer was “values”. 

North bid 3 (would you pass given the correct information?) and south bid 3nt.

12 tricks were made , but north realised that 2 xx would have scored better, so he called the director.

director ruled that score stands.  We found out later that the score was adjusted to 2xx making 2 tricks. We requested a review ( no appeal option), and the ruling was -2800 stands. Is this right? We lost 20 imps on this board. 

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