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Is positive accreditation a good idea? (anti-cheat register)

The idea is that a 'suitable body' maintains a register of players eligible to play in international events; to get on this register you have to be positively vetted.

The initial register would be set up by requiring all players wishing to play in international events to declare an interest. We would then have some sort of voting method amongst those players to decide who is allowed to join the initial register. Perhaps a vote from 1-10 with a default of 6 for 'don't know'; a player needing to receive 60% or more in order to be invited to join.

A pre-requisite of joining is that you consent to video and statistical analysis of any hands that you have played or will play.

Subsequently new players wishing to join the registered will have to be proposed and seconded by an existing member; only one of these sponsors can be from the same country as the candidate. The same voting procedure would then be followed. Note that an abstension or non-vote is a vote in favour.


N.B. I am not particularly interested in whether you think this can be made to work or not; just whether it is a good idea or not.


Looks like a sound proposal
Positive accreditation is a good idea but don't like the method
Can't work/won't work
hate it
something else

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