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Is style disclosable?


Under a jurisdiction where a partnership must play the same system but may adopt different styles and treatments ...


Are such style differences disclosable/alertable. Examples

- Partner never underleads a King if there is any reasonable alternative.

- Partner hates leading from Jxxx.

- Partner frequently shades 3rd-in-hand openers.

- Partner is partial to particular ploys (e.g. phony cue-bids or lead-directing calls).

- Partner is averse to game-tries. Almost always, he just bids game or signs-off.


(Please comment on any laws/regulations that tell us what to do. Should the rules provide clear instruction?

I know of no pair who alert all general style issues or disclose them on their system-card but, in principle, should they do so?)

Disclosable on system-card (and alertable when appropriate).
Disclosable only if opponents ask.
Depends on treatment and circumstances.
Not disclosable.
Something else.

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