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Is there a sound mathematical basis for this?

A.  You are in a normal game after partner has opened the bidding in 2nd seat.  The high cards you are missing are the KQJ A and KJ.  LHO leads the K (standard honor leads) from a suit where your side has only 5 cards.

Is there a way to give mathematical odds on RHO holding the A and/or K?  Obviously, of course, he must have one of them unless the lead is from shortness, which isn't really likely.

B.  Similar situation, but here the cards you are missing are a QJ in the same suit and one ace and two kings, none in the same suit. 

B1.  What are the odds of RHO having any particular one of the 3 missing honors?

B2.  What are the odds or RHO holding any particular two of the 3 missing honors?

B3.  What are the odds of RHO holding all 3 of the missing honors?

C - in case B above, you can safely knock out the missing ace.  RHO has it.  Dummy has both aces in the suits where you lack the kings, and you have both QJ's in hand, and you have plentiful entries and can take all but one of the remaining tricks with a late entry to hand.  Is it better to play to squeeze RHO or to try to read the discards and choose which finesse to take?  Assume that you will have to decide which finesse to take before cashing the last side winner.  Assume strong defenders.  Does it matter if they have, say, 7 cards in one of the side suits and 9 in the other?

I apologize in advance for not making up hands to suit this discussion, but I have limited time right now and this seemed like a good issue to crowd-source.

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