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Is there such a thing as preferred minor

Hi.  I would appreciate some feedback on a bidding system used by a pair in Durban. 

The pair in question play a strong no trump (15-17) and five card majors and use what they call preferred minor. Without stating the reason for the preference. So with 3/3 in the minors they can open either. It's entirely at the whim of the opening bidder. In reality what I suspect is happening is that they are opening the weaker in the hope it won't be lead against any future no trump contract. In which case it is nothing more than an organized psych  

I don't really care what system they play as long as the reasons for the choice are made clear. And this is a deliberate attempt at obfuscation. 

One of the pair's response was - well partner is as confused. My response was - we we knew that before you opened 1

You can usually tell by subsequent bidding when an opening minor might be prepared and judge any leads accordingly. But on a bidding sequence 1 - 1 - 1NT it is likely that there are at least four diamonds in the opening bidder's hand. And probably only three spades. Whereas with these two it is probably Kxxx Xxx Qxx AKx. While I might be able to intuit a winning diamond lead from ATx you can guarantee Mrs Box and Mrs Bremner who have been playing for 40 years and are still local masters, will find a club or on an imaginative day a spade from Txx. Whereas if the bidding went 1 - 1 - 1NT the likelyhood of declarer having four spades is quite high. And if he or she doesn't, will definitely have clubs. And probably five of them. 

This has been raised with the local KZN Bridge Union. But they don't a) see the problem and b) won't do anything about it. We are in the process of kicking it up to the South African Bridge Federation for a ruling. 

But I would appreciate any thoughts 

regards Frank

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