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Is this a psyche?

MP. Both vul. LHO opens 3NT, alerted and explained as a solid minor, no outside A or K.

Partner passes. RHO thinks for a while and emerges with 5. You pass.

LHO thinks for a moment and raises this to 6.

You lead (the A, but not really relevant), and dummy appears with 8 solid clubs and the K:

4 9 K54 AKQJT932

This trouble(s,d) me, since knowing whether the 3NT opener can have a side high card is likely to have a large impact on the defen(s,c)e.

The director disagreed with my suggestion that the 3NT opener was a psyche, asserting that the GCC only makes it illegal to psyche 1 and 2 openers (which is total nonsense, of course). My request for a second opinion was declined.

It is tough to discover what the ACBL thinks a psyche really is. A search comes up with a definition of a "deviation" (deviations are OK if infrequent) as being within a Queen of the expected honour strength; which would suggest that the current hand is a psyche in ACBL terms. If it is indeed a psyche, then this is illegal per the GCC (under the section "Disallowed").

What should the director do?

Tell opps to change CC and verbal explanation of 3N
As above with a PP
Something else (please elucidate)

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