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Is this [GCC] legal?

I am attempting to be generic in the following, without naming any particular system. 

Suppose an opening pass in 1st or 2nd position is one of:

  1. too few HCP to open anything (perhaps <10)
  2. opening points (perhaps 8-13), unbalanced, but no decent 5+ card , or suit
  3. minimum opening points (perhaps 11-14), unbalanced hand with clubs


Some system info:

  1. 1NT opener = 11-14 balanced
  2. 1 opener = 10+, artificial


Does the opening pass require an alert (if so, presumably this makes the system HUM and hence illegal)?

No alert, and wouldn't even mention it as a prealert
No alert, courtesy mention when prealerting the system
Alert required
Something else (please explain)

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