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Is this practice illegal? Or require disclosure?

Am I doing something illegal or something requiring an alert from my partner if I were to routinely open 1 of a major suit in 3rd chair under this scenario: (1) say, KQxxx of the bid major and no other high cards; (2) 3 cards in the other major; (3) 3-2 in the minor suits; (4) using a standard base where 1 of a minor shows 3+ in the opened minor suit; and (5) using two-way Drury (so that both 2 and 2 show raises in the opened major suit)?

Edit: in light of the first comment offered below, perhaps I should be more explicit/more precise in my wording.  I would routinely seriously consider opening 1M under the conditions described, where I felt I could handle whatever response my partner makes.  Sometimes I would still reject the consideration, dependent upon vulnerability, status of game, how I felt, whatever.  

Obviously this question is derived from some of the issues raised in the threads on the Spain-USA match in Poland.

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