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Is this psyche legal?

Your partner opens 1NT. You have a yarborough with say 3=3=5=2 distribution. Your side is playing 3 as 5 card stayman, where 3 response by opener denies 5 M but may or may not have 4.  By agreement 3 is GF. E.g. if opponent comes in, opener would assume his and your pass is frocing. You bid 3 intending to pass whatever opener replies. Is this pscyhe disallowed since 3 is an artificial bid? Or it is fine since it conveys the meaning of asking for 5M the bid is meant for?

3 is fine because it has the meaning of 5 card stayman.
3 is fine as long as you don't have an agreement that it may be a psyche.
3 is OK for a one time occurrence in the partnership.
3 is not allowed because it is a psyche of an artificial bid.

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