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Israel - do the right thing !

Like many of the things i do at and away from the bridge table,I am sure that i will come to regret this , but here goes

The issue of whether Israel should compete in the Bermuda Bowl is starting to bubble on many threads, and i am sure it will be a hotly discussed issue in the forthcoming days

so here goes:

I am an extremely proud Jew ( though not very religious ) and love Israel and most Israelis with a passion.Although i do not live in Israel, i have family there so spend a lot of time in this very special country

One of the very many reasons for this, is that, Israel, in the face of much criticism , i believe always sticks by its principles and morals regardless of world opinion and collateraldamage that this may cause

so, regarding this issue , this is my strongly held viewpoint:-

Did Fisher Schwartz cheat in the European championships in which they qualified for the Bermuda bowl?

If so, and this certainly seems to be the case, they clearlydo not deserve to benefit from this

Therefore they should not compete, and urge the IBF to withdraw from the BB, or failing that, and perhaps even better , I urge the members of the Israeli team to voluntarilty withdraw.

if they do not do what I consider to be the right thing, then the WBFshould step in and not allow them to compete ( again , all this is predicated on whether Fs did or did not cheat )

Furthermore, I believe the following too:-

did the Ibf know, or should they have known that FS were cheating? ( before the Euro championships), or that there very strong reasons or evidence that this might be the case?

if this is so, then I believe Israel should be banned from international competition for a period of time ( somewhere between 1 and 5 years)

Israel and Israelis, i implore you. You have always been a shining light in this dark world, do not extinguish the flame now. While it will hurt in the short term, it will be another example of Israel leading the world, and set a precedent to the rest of the bridge world to help clean up our beautiful game

from a bridge lover, a proud Jew and a lover of Israel, and of free speech

Leslie Amoils ( not in hiding yet)

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