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It Hesitated. Should I Shoot Myself?

As West, both vul, matchpoints, playing a fairly generic 2/1 system, you hold:


Yes, I can certainly see arguments for 1NT forcing and then bidding 2 at my first turn instead of pass. I chose not to, as I'm going to hate life after a jump shift rebid, and, with the boss suit, I am likely to be able to compete later and show a terrible hand with some spades. Even if you think that's a terrible decision, I'm asking you to just accept it for now.

Over 1NT, partner's pass was definitely slow. I noticed it. Now I have a problem. Partner's BIT certainly suggests offensive strength, which could have convinced me that 2 is more likely to be successful than pass. That said, I passed with an express plan of competing in spades at least at the 2 level if available. I honestly thought that pass was not a logical alternative, but that is SO CLEARLY a self-serving statement that even I'm not sure I believe it.

I chose to bid 2, but I felt kind of guilty. The auction continued and opps bought the contract. After the hand, I told our opponents, who are both certainly competent (they are both significantly better than I am, though that doesn't necessarily say much) that, if they wanted to call the director now or after reviewing the hand, I was happy to stipulate that there was a break in tempo. 

They decided that it was not a problem, and that their bad result was earned by their decisions, not by mine. But I wasn't sure how I should have handled it. What should I have done? 

Even if you think 2 is clear, you should pass 2
Tell the opponents that you are aware of the BIT before bidding 2
Call the director. Tell him and the opponents that you are aware of the BIT, then bid 2
Bid 2, speaking to the opponents after the hand
Other (please explain)

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