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Ivar Stakgold R.I.P.

Ivar passed away yesterday. He was a fixture on the Kaplan-Sheinwold teams in the 50s and 60s and represented the USA in the Olympiad and Bermuda Bowl, with a Silver medal in the latter.

Born in Norway, Ivar became a refugee during the Second World War and settled in the USA where he became an accomplished mathematician.

He had been in failing health after an auto accident last year.

Ivar and I played for a few years around the turn of the century. Our best results were a 3/4 in the Vanderbilt and a win in the Reisinger KO in NYC. Not bad for a 75-year old!

Ivar had been engaged for several years to a lovely woman he met in his retirement community. I don’t think he and his fiancé intended to marry - they found the engagement a suitable state.

I last saw Ivar a few months ago, at his home in La Jolla. He was in good spirits but his physical limitations bothered him.

Ivar was a real gentleman and it was a privilege to know him and to have played with him.

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