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Last night playing on OKB with a regular partner (2nd seat, both vuL) against a pick-up pair I picked up the following hand:





Now before I get the (probably deserved) grief for not making this a Bidding problem... let me mention that as I considered my options, what I felt I had here was a bidding problem, a lead problem, a potential article, and the potential for multiple general polls. Perhaps this hand will be "old hat" to many or "obvious", but for the life of me, I was spinning my wheels on this one. 

I was busy planning out how our forcing club auction might develop when first seat (RHO) made a surprising call:


Now this being OKB with pickup opponents, most bids could mean most anything, but I was fairly confident the faillure to alert indicated 15-17. Well given my 24 count, maybe 15-16. Then again, it was late, so maybe I miscounted my hand and it could be 15-17. I decided not to recount my hand and go with 15-16. Should be close enough for "government" work, as the saying goes. Unless the opponents were really playing 14+ to a bad 18,

Meanwhile time was ticking. Had this been at a live (as opposed to dead) bridge club, I would have already accumulated a BIT, but on the internet you can always blame a delay on the doorbell or the cat walking across your keyboard. So I decided to give the hand some more thought (go ahead and put "thought" in quotes). My first thought was to double, as this qualifies in our approach as 15+. I took a little while to consider the ramifications of that bid, when the thought occured to me that maybe pass had the best chance of picking up +100 or +200 or +300 or...  I asked myself "what would Kit do?" at which point a number of vague possiblities drifted through my mind which included 2, 2N, and even some vague whispers of higher bids (at 3am in the morning 3N and 4 came to mind, but I rolled over and went back to sleep). Anyway, my apologies to Kit if those options are not remotely on your radar. It was just some of the things that went through my mind, the multiple answers to the question I am often asked by my partners in the post-mortem "what were you thinking?".

After a couple of minutes I decided to double hoping for the classic OKB parlay:

(1N) - X

XX (SOS partner)

    - Pass (partner either trusting me to do something intelligent, or showing 0-1 HCP, or not wanting to get involved)

(Pass) - (taking the redouble literally)

   - Pass (my hoping this would be the end of it)

(Pass) - (taking opener's pass of his redouble literally).


I was pretty sure that 1NXX would be the optimal result for us. 

Ideally I would like to have in my bidding toolkit a JackAsk bid. My thought was that most of my problems here would be solved if I could just find out how many (or which) jacks my partner held. I will leave it up to folks more knowledgeable in relays to help me with an auction that would go like this: "Do you have any aces? bid meaning "no". Relay asking "do you have any kings?"  "no" "any queens?" "no" "any jacks?" "yes, the J and the J" .... at which point I would leap (or make an insufficient bid) to the correct final contract... whatever that is...

I never heard of a JackAsk system until I ran across one here on Bridgewinners. I think it was called the Jorj Club. I thought the idea might have some merit, but that the hand to use it would never come up. I stand (or sit) corrected.

I could give you the hands, but I think the sometimes actual hands are less interesting than the possibilities. I have included a bidding poll for those of you would like to register your opinions on that aspect.

Here's a few bonus questions:

1) Assuming the bidding goes 1N or 1NX or 1NXX, what would you lead?

2) Assuming world class players all around, what would be the par auction and the par play of the hand by both sides (in general terms). I know I haven't included the other 3 hands yet, but I am more interested in what expert thoughts are here than in what actually happened next at our table. I could make the argument that I have already included the other 3 hands to a large extent.

3) Assuming world class players all around, to what extent do you suspect a psych of 1N in first seat when you are looking at 24HCP in second seat? If you do, how does that affect your subsequent bidding? Would that influence your lead if you ended up on lead?

Ok. So the poll question is "Assuming 1N is 15-17, what is your call here?". 

(Note: I deliberately leave this vague as to whether you pick up this hand as I did on OKB or whether you pick up this hand in the final round of the World Championships. I welcome answers from both perspectives. I realize this skews the "accuracy" of the poll, but this looks to me like a one-in-a-lifetime hand, and since I have already picked it up, I should never have to deal with this situation again ever. Please answer no matter (or based on) what your methods over 1N. But I still would love to hear what you all have to say here.)

Pass in Tempo
Pass after a delay in Tempo
Double in Tempo
Double after a delay in tempo
Something else
Director please!
This should have been a bidding poll

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