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Jacoby 2NT Convention: More (or maybe less is more)

There are at least three intelligent and comprehensive threads on BW regarding improvements to the weaknesses of the original Jacoby 2NT convention.

For reference and for easy review, here are links to them.

However, my interest here is to get your opinion of a very simple, possible improvement to only one aspect: the bid of 4M after partner’s 2NT game force which ostensibly shows 4+ cards and no shortness (unless too strong to show shortness).

My suggestion for an advanced partnership who simply wants to improve (but not optimize) is to simply reserve the jump to 4M to show exactly a 5332 hand with no more than two keycards. An exception is necessary: if opener has a 6322 or a 7222 hand he advances 3M regardless of key card holding.

I believe this minimum 12-14 point hand divides approximately 15-20% for three keycards and 75-80% for two or less keycards. Hence, 3M is a very promising albeit minimum hand.

With this agreement, it seems to me that this Goldilocks treatment (or perhaps more aptly Mickey Mouse) is a better understanding than no understanding of the 4M jump.

(If this has any merit, I realize that special asking bids after opener’s 3M could be in order but I don't want to go there.)

Your views? Maybe this article is appropriate for the BW Intermediate forum.

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