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Jacoby 2NT, my way

There are a lot of different ways to use a 2NT bid after a 1/ opening bid, I personally believe very strongly in not telling the opponents to much about openers hand. I still want to be able to bid those nice slams and for that reason we (Daniel Korbel, Curtis Cheek and myself) are playing the following structure.

1M - 2NT, limit raise or better

3 = any non minimum, but could be based on HCP minimum with a short suit

3 = GF, 17+ with any shortness

3M = Sign off

3oM = any 5422 with about 1nt opening strength.

3NT = balanced, better then a 1NT opening

4//(if 1M is ) = 5-5, good suits with no two fast losers in any of the short suits.

4M = non minimum with 6322


follow up's

1M - 2NT

3 - 3 = please tell me more

         3M = sign off (both players can sign off once)

          All higher bids are 15+ splinters but hardly ever used, responder asking openers hand most of the time


1M - 2NT

3 -3

3 = any 11-13 with unknown singleton, now responder can asks with next step (Low, Middle High) or sign off in game

3/3NT/4 = 14-16 splinter in //oM, (Low, Middle, High)

4M = 6322 or 5422 with mild extra's ( most of the time 5422, if 6322 then minimum)


1M - 2NT

3 - 3 = asking

3 = any void ( next step asks, Low, Middle, High)

3NT/4/ = 17+ splinter, Low, Middle, High


1M - 2NT

3oM - 3oM+1 = asking for side suit, answers are Low, Middle, High.


This is absolutely not the solution to every problem hand that you will ever have, it's biggest win is if the both hands have game going values without much extra's, you will then basically bid 1M - 4M without helping your opponents.

like 1M - 2NT

      3 - 4M


have fun


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