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Jacoby 2NT Question

You and your partner have agreed to play Jacoby 2NT the "standard" way as in Root and Pavlicek.

You open 1M and your partner bids 2NT.

The question is simply this: Do you feel it is within your discretion (within "partnership")to bypass your shortness and rebid 4M if you feel your hand is exceptionally weak?

I am not asking whether you "can." Obviously, you "can" bid anything.

I am also not asking for your superior version of Jacoby 2NT or another convention that lets you exchange information before deciding whether to show shortness,show other info.,etc.

I was asked to ask this question this way by a friend of mine who is advancing in bridge.

Yes, it is within my discretion to bypass my shortness and rebid 4M.
No, it would violate partnership for me to bypass my shortness and rebid 4M.

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