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Joan Levy Gerard

This is on the ACBL Website

"Joan Levy Gerard, a top bridge administrator for the ACBL and the World Bridge Federation for more than three decades, died on Thursday at her home in White Plains NY. She was 77.
Gerard represented District 3 on the ACBL Board of Directors for 26 years. She left the board at the end of 2011, but continued in her decades-long role as chair of every regional tournament in her district, one of many other bridge-related jobs she retained. Her husband, Ron, told a friend that after she left the ACBL board, she went from 18-hour days to 16-hour days working on behalf of bridge.
Gerard also served as president of the United States Bridge Federation, represented the ACBL at WBF meetings and serving on the WBF executive committee. She was in charge of appeals at WBF tournaments."

Let me add the following: No one I know worked harder than Joan for the betterment of bridge at all levels. She was active in promoting youth bridge and getting new players into the tournament community, and equally concerned that the US (and Canada) were properly represented in international play. She was invaluable for the USBF: she was our space finder for all the trials. She embodied the three Ws: she was often wise, frequently witty, and always warm-hearted.

As a heads up to the HOF committee, no one deserves the Blackwood Award more than Joan.

I extend my condolences to Ron in particular, but more generally to the bridge community as a whole. She will be greatly missed.

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