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Joel Wooldridge


At the age of 32 Joel Wooldridge has already amassed an impressive bridge resume in both NABCs and internationally. In his youth, Joel competed in 6 World Youth Teams Championships, earning 2 golds, a silver, and a bronze. 2011 is proving to be a banner year for Joel -- not only is he poised to represent the US in his first Bermuda Bowl after his recent win in the 2011 US Bridge Championships, but he dominated the Louisville NABC, taking home two 1sts, a 2nd, and a 4th in four different NABC+ events.

Joel grew up in upstate New York, where he learned bridge from his parents and played his first duplicate game at the age of 9. In 2010 Joel moved down to New York City where he lives in the infamous Murray Hill brownstone with partner John Hurd and USA 2 teammate Kevin Bathurst.

When not playing bridge Joel can be found playing competitive foosball. He also enjoys swimming, volleyball, board games, and video games.

  • BBO name: firechief
  • Lives in New York, NY
  • Born: July 19th, 1979
  • Favorite Convention: Penalty Doubles
  • Regular Partner: John Hurd

Hurd-Wooldridge Convention Card

2011 1 US Championships
2011 1 Open Pairs
2011 1 Platinum Pairs
2011 2 North American Open Pairs
2009 1 Mixed BAM Teams
2009 1 Open Swiss Teams
2009 2 Blue Ribbon Pairs
2006 2 World University Championships
2005 1 World Youth Team Championships
2005 2 Spingold Knockout Teams
2003 1 Fast Pairs
2003 3 World Youth Team Championships
2001 1 World Youth Team Championships
1999 2 World Youth Team Championships
1997 1 Imp Pairs

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