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John Sarjeant

John Sarjeant has died at the age of 94, and English bridge has lost one of its true gentlemen.

I was introduced to John via a mutual acquaintance. We corresponded for a while, working on a modified version of Romex which we then played in the 1977 Guardian Easter tournament. John had invited me to stay with him at his house in Kent before the event, and I was made very welcome by John and his wife Jean. After a nondescript performance in the Pairs, we teamed up with Lynn Hayes and Sally Harris to win the Rixi Markus Cup (Swiss Teams). I recall he was annoyed with me for illogically bidding 1 (limited) - 4 - 6 in our match against P-O Sundelin even though the slam made.

John was very smart at the bridge table, in all senses of the word. As well as being a fine player, he was also a fine writer. I remember an outstanding blow-by-blow account that he wrote for Bridge Magazine about Richards Fleet and Granville playing against a Polish Forcing Pass system in a European Junior Championships.

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