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Joon Pahk on Jeopardy!

A former American Junior Internationalist, Joon Pahk, is currently on Jeopardy! See Joon's exciting October 3rd appearance here on youtube. This will link to the first segment of the show. The other segments are below. Let's all cheer on a fellow bridge player!

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Joon's impressive streak came to an end after 8 episodes. He won 7 games, and $201,000! He amazed us all with his extensive trivia knowledge, and demonstrated how to take full advantage of the daily double. Joon even had a chance to show off his knowledge of game theory in his betting strategy on the October 6th episode of final Jeopardy! He was kind enough to post his analysis on Facebook, which we have shared on our Bridge Winners Facebook page.

We will get to see Joon again when he returns in November to participate in the Tournament of Champions. Good luck!


{slide=Links to Joon Pahk's Jeopardy! Episodes on Youtube}

October 3rd Part 1
October 3rd Part 2

October 4th Part 1
October 4th Part 2

October 5th Part 1
October 5th Part 2

October 6th Part 1
October 6th Part 2

October 7th Part 1
October 7th Part 2

October 10th Part 1
October 10th Part 2

October 11th Part 1
October 11th Part 2

October 12th Part 1
October 12th Part 2


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