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Judgment Exclusion

When your exclusion ask is one below five of the trump suit, regardless of how you play the responses you will often have the problem that a response takes you too high. It seems to me that it must be better to play the bid as showing a void and asking partner whether he likes his hand in context. Naturally, if he does like his hand his response can show keycards in case asker is interested in seven. So if we have established spades as trumps and I ask with 5, responses now are:

5: 0 kc OR I don’t like my hand

5NT: 1 kc and I like my hand

6: 2 kc, no q, etc.

5NT over 5 should, of course, say show your keycards anyway. Last week my partner actually tried to improvise this system, responding 5 to try to show zero when he had one with a poor-looking hand, but this seemed impossible in context so I played him for three. Possibly I shouldn’t have been bidding 5 on the actual hand but options were limited. Anyway, I think he hit on a good idea. Probably someone has thought of “judgment exclusion” before?

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