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Thanks to all who have contributed to the global Keep Bridge Alive campaign so far. In my penultimate BW post, there were many interesting issues raised about the challenges that the bridge community faces. This post invites you to offer KBA solutions and suggestions for ways forward.

Part of the Keep Bridge Alive initiative is to learn about what's being done across the world to promote and grow Bridge, and what more could be done. It is important to hear views from those on the front line about what the real issues are and the potential solutions to keeping bridge alive. It is also useful to hear from players (of all ages) who attend lessons, club sessions or tournaments to find out about their experiences and suggestions for improvement.

So if you could take time to say your views as teachers, promoters and players that would be extremely helpful.

We're at 188 donors for the Keep Bridge Alive (KBA) Crowdfund Campaign and it really is important to get as many players, bridge clubs and organisations across the world supporting the campaign to show that the global bridge community cares about its future. Every dollar counts – please consider donating. If every competitor at the Spring National gave just 5 dollars we’d easily meet our target.

I’m in Memphis now. A #keepbridgealive stand is downstairs in the Convention Centre with leaflets and posters for you to take to help spread the word about the campaign by passing on to your bridge clubs. Posts by me with US players’ views of KBA are going out on social media every day during the National – please share/RT - @soc_of_bridge

I’m happy to accept small donations by cash and put them into the Crowdfunder on your behalf or you can donate by credit card here (£10 is 13$):

Please note the University of Stirling is a charity (Charity Number SC011159) so we can also accept cheques to the University of Stirling in any currency or charitable donations to KBA via bank transfers (including international) and I can email you details ( or please contact for information about tax efficent ways to donate.

As Kevin Judge the Bridge PhD student (who has been learning bridge for 6 months in our new university club) says: “Everyone should be fluent in Bridge; it is an inclusive, exciting and playful language that all should learn and practice".

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