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Kida- A Double Dummy App

Kida is an app that offers double dummy problems. The objective of the app is to, by seeing and controlling all 4 hands, achieve a trick goal with the North South hands while playing perfect defense to make it the most difficult or tricky for yourself from reaching that trick goal.


There are multiple levels, each designed for a skill level. Level 1 is designed for an absolute beginner. Levels 5 and 6 will be suitable for intermediate and advanced players, respectively.


Here is an example of the first problem of level 6.




Starting in South, you have to score 2 tricks.


The key here is to cash the HA. You have to defend carefully. If you pitch the spade 8 from the West hand, all declarer has to do is endplay West with a low spade. Instead, you should pitch the spade Q. South should then play the SK, and West is stuck. He has to win with the A, but now he has to either play a low spade and force partner to give North the last trick, or play the SQ and set up South's 9.


In terms of utility, the app can be used as a warm up before a tournament session to help stimulate your brain. It can also be played during down times, such as waiting for the bus.


In terms of youth bridge education, the app can fuel a beginner’s interest by illustrating him/her the fun problems and tactics in bridge. It is a great way to teach trick-taking techniques, an essential aspect of bridge that makes it enjoyable. Youth players can discover the “aha” moment outside of the bridge classroom at any time.



All in all, the app provides a plethora of complicated and beautiful problems that require the user to employ many different techniques. It has fun challenges for almost everybody.

Here are the Android and iOS links. The app is completely free of price and supports several languages. (Android) (iOS)

If you have any questions/ suggestions, you can email the inventor, Amaresh Deshpande, at

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