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Kit's Korner Seats and Contracts, 2014--2010

I've created tab-delimited text files that include the reader's seat and the final contract in each Kit's Korner article for the years 2014 through 2010, going back to Nov. 8, 2010 (the first column). Each file has the articles in reverse chronological sequence, which is how they are listed at this website.

Each file has the following fields:

  • Article title
  • Link to article
  • Publication date (<month> <day>, <four-digit year>)
  • Reader's seat ("N", "E", "S", "W")
  • Final contract (with "X" to indicate "doubled")

For each year, I've created a file without headers and a file with the headers "Title", "Link", "Date", "Seat", and "Contract". Here are the links to the files without headers:'s_Korner_seat+contract_2014_no_headers.txt's_Korner_seat+contract_2013_no_headers.txt's_Korner_seat+contract_2012_no_headers.txt's_Korner_seat+contract_2011_no_headers.txt's_Korner_seat+contract_2010_no_headers.txt

Here are the links to the files with headers:'s_Korner_seat+contract_2014_headers.txt's_Korner_seat+contract_2013_headers.txt's_Korner_seat+contract_2012_headers.txt's_Korner_seat+contract_2011_headers.txt's_Korner_seat+contract_2010_headers.txt

I'd appreciate if any errors or issues were conveyed through comments.

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