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Kudos to Thomas Bessis

From the IBPA Bulletin No. 610 November 10, 2015

"Thomas Bessis of France continues to gain our admiration. Already, barely into his thirties, he has won a World Championship and has earned a slew of medals in European Championship and World Championship play and has won a handful of North American titles, including a pair of Vanderbilts. He has also been an IBPA Personality of the Year. He has successful partnerships with his father Michel, Cédric Lorenzini, Frédéric Volcker and Ishmael Del’Monte, amongst others. Now, according to Pierre Zimmermann, Bessis has turned down the opportunity to play in the Zimmermann Team for Monaco. Zimmermann cited loyalty to France and to Volcker as Bessis’ reasons. We would wager that not many bridge players could have resisted that temptation and we applaud Bessis for exhibiting such commendable character traits. We also congratulate Véronique and Michel, who have obviously raised their son well, imbuing him with exemplary values. Félicitations à tous."

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