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Last Board Dbl Digit Slam Swings in 21 of 33 Matches in Lyons

Grand Slam Swing Potential

the only matches with absolute par results was China vs. Poland in the d'Orsi:  a pair of 2210s in different 7 Majors

also Monaco v Netherlands in the BB  2220 for Monaco after a 2N opening v  7


In the Bermuda Bowl, where Egypt had the unenviable task of meeting 3 higher ranked teams on Saturday, their hopes must have been buoyed when Bulgaria didn't even reach slam let alone a grand.

But New Zealand, having a super Saturday, fared even better.  NZ started nearly 20VPs from the last qualifying spot.

Near the end of the last match they pulled up just a hair out of Egypt lying 8th.

Both Brazil and NZ landed in 6, the most inferior strain.  Brazil went down and NZ picked up 16imps.


Egypt would have needed something more than a NZ push.  They would still have been 1VP behind.  Reaching the making 7 Major or 7N would have been enough.

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